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The Free Music Archive is an interactive library of legal audio downloads directed by legendary freeform radio station WFMU.
This project wouldn't be possible without our curators, who select and upload all the music you'll find here.
Curators come from all over the world, and have a wide range of experience with good music.
They include freeform radio stations, netlabels, artist collectives, performance spaces, and concert organizers.
If the FMA were a radio station, the curators would be our awesomely obsessive DJs.

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Founded in 1999, OverClocked ReMix is an organization dedicated to the appreciation and promotion of video game music as an art form. Its primary focus is, a website featuring thousands of free fan arrangements, information on game music and composers, resources for aspiring artists, and a thriving community of video game music fans.

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Soundsnap is a community driven online sound library. It features 100,000 high quality sound effects and music loops from Hollywood sound designers and cutting edge music producers. Last year, more than 3 million people visited Soundsnap from all over the world!

________________________________________________________________________________________________ «« LINK is a radio station that you can play in your place of business, like a store or restaurant, and completely avoid paying the high fees and possible legal hassles of dealing with ASCAP, BMI, PPL, PRS and all of the other performing rights organizations that charge you a huge yearly fee just to play some nice music for your customers.

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Tune into the C64 Take-away Podcast (RSS Feed) and get C64 remixes and SIDs automatically transferred to your desktop or portable MP3 player.

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Post your sounds to share them with friends, fans and followers everywhere. Connect with the community on SoundCloud to build your audience.

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Freesound aims to create a huge collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps, ... released under Creative Commons licenses that allow their reuse. Freesound provides new and interesting ways of accessing these samples, allowing users to:

browse the sounds in new ways using keywords, a "sounds-like" type of browsing and more
upload and download sounds to and from the database, under the same creative commons license
interact with fellow sound-artists!

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I was born in Pittsburgh PA years ago. I grew up listening to all sorts of music in the backseat of my parents car on Sunday drives. My dad would flip the radio from rock to country to classical. He seemed to love all kinds of music, and he infected me with that too!

With the exception of guest composers, I create all of the music here on the website, mostly from scratch. I play multiple instruments, but I also use sound samples, loops, drum machines, software synths, and whatever is handy. I can read music but mostly compose by ear.

Some of the pieces here are background to talk over, while some are full blown pieces suitable to sit and listen to. I love sharing this music with you, and hope it helps you in your life in some small way to complete a project, or brightens your day.

For the technically minded, I use Sonar X2 exclusively for recording and composing. Some stuff was mixed on a mixing board, but most of the stuff on the website was recorded and mixed all inside the computer.

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Why do you allow people to use your music and don't charge for it?
There are many reasons. The cost for me to share music is low, and the benefits are high. There are a lot of schools with no money, and plenty of film makers who want to have music - but can't afford to clear copyrights from the existing systems that are set up. I believe that copyright is badly broken , so I chose a license that allows me to to give away the rights I wish to surrender. We really have no hope of overturning the existing copyright situation, but we can and are creating an alternate body of works that are able to compete with them. In time, I hope that Creative Commons (and similar alternatives to standard copyright) will be common and successful enough to be the dominant choice for artists' new creative works. If you hold tightly to your creative works, they become impossible to share. If your art isn't experienced by people, it serves no purpose in society.

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1. Use the music for free if you credit the music to "Dan-O at". Download CreditLicense.pdf. As an option, you can also post an image or video to your website and blog when you credit me. Click here for images. For videos you can put the credit in the video and or the description.

2. With no credit donate at least $10 per track. Donating is an easy way to use one of my tracks by giving you more freedom when sharing your project. Donating also directly contributes to the amount of time I can spend making music for the community. If you have your paypal receipt you can download the donation license here: DonationLicense.pdf.

3. With no credit you can also buy the package. The package offers the most publishing flexibility and quick access to 77+ mp3s on your hard drive.

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